W7 Africa Bronzer Review

W7 is a brand that I'm really happy to have discovered. All their products that I've tried so far have been really excellent value for money whilst still being a decent product, and this boxed bronzer is no different.


Obviously it shares certain similarities with the Benefit boxed bronzers and blushers etc, but at just under £2.00 this is a lot more purse friendly.

I was a little apprehensive about the pink shade. As someone with rosy cheeks I avoid blushes and pink toned cheek products, however after swatching each shade I found that the pink is barely pigmented. Makes me wonder why it's in there at all, but over all it gives a nice colour.



It gives a lovely golden sheen, not too glittery and not too dark. The brush it comes with is lovely and soft and so it's easy to apply. I wouldn't say it lasts amazingly long but I've never come across a powdered bronzer that does have a good lasting power.

Overall, I like this product and have yet to be disappointed by a W7 product. Of course they are not on a par with other high end products, but for their price I've been really pleased and have already got some other W7 products to try out so expect reviews soon!

Personally I've never seen W7 products in a store but they are easily found online with a quick google search. I buy mine from Eastend Cosmetics as they generally have the lowest prices and deliver really quickly which is always good. I would recommend shopping around when it comes to W7 products because sometimes there can be a big price difference between websites.

Have you tried any W7 products? What did you think?


  1. This sounds lovely! I've never used any of their products but heard a lot of good things :) x

  2. love the colours in this bronzer :) ox

  3. Ooh love the look of this, it's gorgeous. Sounds lovely, I've never used any of their products but going to have a look :)

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

  4. Ooo I love the look of this! It sounds lovely :)
    You have a fab blog !


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  6. Absolutely loved reading this review. This product reminds me of a toss up between a Benefit box blush / bronzer and the Too Faced leopard bronzer :D

    Thank you for sending me your link through #bbloggers chat, love your blog and the name is adorable :) Hope you'll stop by and take a wander through mine too :D



  7. Wow this looks amazing1 I love how cute the packaging and design is, always a plus for me. I will definitely be giving some of their products a try :D xx