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Hello lovelies!

It's been a little while since I posted last, mostly because I've been very busy with Uni stuff. But I thought I'd give you all a quick update on the new skin care regime. It's going really well. Moisturising twice daily has really made my skin look healthier, not to mention smoother.
Here are the products I treated myself to...

1. Soap & Glory "Hand Food" Hand Cream
2.Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Deep Pore Wash
3. Garnier Skin Naturals Soothing Toner
4. Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream
5. Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream
6. Boots own Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream

1. I needed some hand cream to carry around with me, especially seeing as the weather is (supposed to be!) getting colder. I absolutely adore this, it's non-greasy but still makes my hands feel really soft. It's smells beautiful and has marshmallow in it. I'm not sure what the marshmallow is doing for my hands, but it's got to be good right?

2. This is my normal face wash and I'm pretty happy with it. It's gentle, and has a few exfoliating beads in, but nothing too rough.

3. I'd never used a toner before, so I'm not sure I can review this that well. It took my a while to put my finger on it's scent, sort of elderfloweryish, and I'm not sure if I particularly like it. It's not bad. It does feel quite refreshing and with it's no perfume, alcohol or colourants, it's gentle on my skin.

4. This is nice thick moisturiser. I thought it might be a little too thick for my oily/combination skin but it seems just fine. Not sure about the smell, a little too perfumey, but for a night cream I'm not too bothered about the smell.

5. I really like this day cream. It's light and has a fresh scent. You can definitely feel like it's moisturising your skin, but doesn't leave your face oily or greasy. I'm a fan.

6. And finally, I got a little eye cream as I tend to have dark circles around my eyes. Have only been using this for a week or so, and can't really say that it's improved the dark colours but it's nicely moisturising.

If you did read my last post you might remember I was going to try out a new mousse. The reason I haven't reviewed it yet is that I have literally just this minute got round to using it - I'll keep you posted!

Peace H x

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