Dear Malden,


Oh how I wish I could buy you, alas, my bank balance will not allow it. Certainly not before Christmas. But you will be mine - somehow!

I was going to do a great big post on how I've been organising my wee personal rasperry metropol, however my camera has decided it doesn't like me right now, so I'll wait until it's in a more agreeable mood.

I've done a fair bit of chopping and changing with the tabs sections, and with the addition of the day planner inserts I think I've got a fairly good system going on. The pull out year inserts are fantastic too.

Recently my filofax has been absolutely indispensable to me, and I really don't know how I managed without it! I've been using it to plan out my dissertation properly, keep up with work from my classes, as well as the newly added stress of having to think about what can only be defined as "graduate stuff". But I'll post more about that later when I do my "What's In My Filofax" post - simply because I love reading other peoples.

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!

H xxx

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