What's In Your Bag?

Here's what I've been carrying about with me lately...


From top left...

Sesame Snaps!
These are my new favourite thing to munch on. After having tried them for the first time in Cyprus, I recently discovered that the little shop at uni sells them and have been nibbling on them ever since!

Folders and Notebooks
The curse of the student. Since I started my dissertation I've been forever lugging around journals to whip out and read and notebooks to scribble down important details. At least they're pretty colours, right?

Ah, beloved filofax. Where would I be without you? Not where I'm supposed to be, that's for sure.

Cosmetic Bag
Because you never know when you'll need a touch up!


Chewing Gum
Also addicted.

Pocket Mirror
This was a gift a friend brought back from Shanghai a few years ago and its been in my bag ever since.

Sadly, filled with more receipts than actual money...

I've always got a book handy for when I get bored of reading journals, which is surprisingly often. This book is a trilogy called The Cornish Trilogy by Robertson Davies and I'm enjoying it so far.

And that's your lot!

Peace, H xxx


  1. Such a good book! xx


  2. I'm really enjoying it! Definitely going to have a read of some of his other work too xx