What's In Your Filofax?

Finally, finally, finally I've come up with a way of organising my filofax that "works". I absolutely love reading and looking at pictures of how other people organise and use theirs so here's mine!


I still love my raspberry Metropol. The only teensiest complaint I have, is that it scratches too easily, which isn't great considering it spends most of it's time bashing about in my bag...

So right at the front I've got my clear pocket:


At the moment I'm just using the clear pocket for pretty things (the Rob Ryan picture) and keepsakes (my tattoo appointment card).

I'm still using the clear protective sheet as a makeshift post-it holder because I'm way too tight to fork out for the actual post-it insert!


Then I have my week to view diary, which is working well, and the 6 sections...


the sections are day planner, to do, uni, careers, misc, and year planner.

I'm going to go into detail on the sections from the back forwards as it makes a bit more sense this way...

So in section 6 I have my pull out year planners (2011 and 2012)...


I've highlighted yellow during term time, pink for exams and, most importantly, orange for time off. I was finding that the year planners were getting pulled around the rings, if that makes sense, when I shut the filofax. This was starting to rip the punched holes, so I got one of the dividers from the address section (which I don't use) and put that at the end to stop this, which worked perfectly!


In section 5 I've got my finances section, where I roughly work out monthly budgets etc...

Section 5 is the "misc" section so it's also subdivided into a book list and a shopping list too, which I've found really handy...



Section 4 is my careers section, which just now is a list of graduate opportunities along with application deadlines etc...


Section 3 is my uni section which has wound up being like a to do list for all the things I need to do for uni, separated into whether it's for my research project or another class. The things I write down here are usually not needing to be done for a few months or so, so when it gets nearer the time I transfer these to do's to Section 2...


Section 2 is my to do list section, which is pretty self explanatory! Every night I look at my to do list and anything I want to get done the next day I transfer to Section 1. (Now you see why I was working backwards...)


And finally, Section 1 is my day planner. Another self explanatory section. This section has been super duper useful - I'm an extraordinarily forgetful person. And tasks I don't get done that day immediately get put into tomorrows day plan, so nothing gets forgotten about!


And that's your lot!
Til next time...



  1. definitely getting a filofax!! xx


  2. oh yay! What one did you get? :) xx

  3. I loved it!! :-D

    I am going to have to invest in day planner pages i think they might help me use a week to view sort of thing then the day planner for all my notes


    <3 xxx

  4. I got a raspberry finsbury....and I already adore it. Addicted!


  5. Love this post and your system looks ace. Really love the way you set up the uni section I'm absolutely going to try that out in my Filofax to try and keep a bit more on top of my MA work that I'm fitting in around work!!!

    Love the colour of the Metropol too it's so vibrant


  6. I'm so bummed I didn't have a Filofax while in school- yours is set up brilliantly!

  7. I Love the set up. Also I couldn't help notice you are interested in the NHS management scheme. I have met a couple of people who did it and overlapped with public health. It seems quite interesting! Good luck.