Rekindled Love

A few years ago my go-to accessory was earrings, and I was rarely without them. But somehow I just gradually wore them less and less. I was recently sorting out all my jewelry and realised how many great pairs I have, and I definitely need to get back in the way of wearing them!

I'll try my best to remember where they are from...

Top row left to right: eBay and Accessorize
Bottom row left to right: Matalan (?) and eBay

Top row: Topshop
Bottom row: Accessorize

Left to right: Warehouse and Topshop

Bird - gift
Key, wing, elephant - H&M
Horse - Accessorize

1 comment:

  1. Love the wee elephants, they're so cute!

    I'm a massive fan of earrings, I bought a new pair today, check them out on my blog :)