Garnier B.B. Cream Review

So this morning the postman popped a sample of Garnier's Skin Natural BB Cream through my door and within seconds I was slathering it all over my face.

I've heard good things about this and was really eager to try it out. It's a BB Cream. Never heard of them? No, me neither. BB stands for Blemish Balm - though why they just can't say "blemish balm" I'll never know - and it apparently combines the benefits of skincare and make-up in one.

I'll skip all the blah about it being a cult product in Asia, developed by a German, yadda yadda, and get to the good stuff...

The free sample came with three good sized sachets which I was uber impressed with. And I mean good sized. I tried one sachet out this morning and I had covered my face in half a sachet - I still put more on just to see what would happen. I like to live life on the edge.

It's a nice consistency. Rather heavily perfumed, but it doesn't last too long. And it's got fairly good coverage, for skin tone anyway, not so much for blemishes. But this is a massive plus for me. I have the rosiest cheeks on the planet, which I've always kinda hated but have learned to accept (they've probably saved me a fortune in blusher), and it really softened the redness out without looking too much like it's been covered up.

I wore it on it's own today and it's really stuck around. On first application it looked like it might make my skin a bit too shiny, but it soon matted out a bit. And I'm really impressed.

I'm not one for having lots of foundation, powder etc on, and I really couldn't imagine using this a primer. More just a natural light foundation during the day. But this is something I shall definitely be buying... Especially as the sample included a £1 off voucher.

Peace H xxx


  1. I get Clinique foundation because they do one especially for people with bright red faces, ie Me.

  2. Ohhhh I keep hearing people talking about BB creams and wondered what the BB stood for, so thanks for clearing that up for me (excuse the pun), I think I'll have to give this a try, it sounds like a pretty good little product xx

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.