At the back of the wardrobe...

Inspired from my mission to update my wardrobe on a student (aka tiny, pitiful, etc) budget, I raked through my cupboards in search of some things I could revive, and managed to find a couple things.

One was my little black cardi, last seen way back in the high school days. And another little treasure was my zara mustard yellow tunic bought a few years back but oddly never worn. I could never figure out what to wear with yellow.

I decided to team this with a silk scarf bought a few years ago, which I've also never quite figured out how to wear. And a little wooden necklace I got from a charity shop a while back to complete an outfit for a hippy themed party.


I like the idea of delving into a stack of old clothes and coming up with new ways to wear them, or in this case wearing them for the first time.

What do you think?

Sidenote: check out the kitty card on the wall! :)