Warning - Christmas Post

The air is getting colder. The days are getting shorter. And I can't stop whistling Christmas tunes.

Yep, it's almost winter.

And winter for me means essentially cosying up indoors, sipping something hot, munching on something delicious, listening to something that's festive, watching something amazing, and reading something fantastic. Oh and you know, CHRISTMAS.

Ok, ok, it's only October. So sue me! I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I LOVE WINTER. And I don't care who knows it.

I usually get Yankee Candles in winter so they always remind me of Christmas. They smell absolutely gorgeous and are guaranteed to get you feeling festive (even if it is only October).

Starbuck's winter range. Possibly the most delicious thing on the planet. Need I say more?

Christmas cards! Love 'em. And am seriously considering doing a blog Christmas card send out so I can send all you lovely ladies (and gentlemen!) some cards :)

Christmas baking! I can't wait to start baking cookies and all sorts of terribly unhealthy but terribly delicious things!

Oh yeah, and SNOW. Hopefully not to the extent last year, but a little sprinkling would be nice!

Hope you're all feeling ridiculously prematurely festive like me.

Peace H


  1. I've been feeling festive since the middle of september! I love Christmas time a bit too much, I think! x

  2. No such thing as loving Christmas too much!
    (I'm glad I'm not the only one) x


    teehee, I love xmas too! and I'm defs going to get me a gingerbread candle, that sounds amazing!


  4. I got Yankee Christmas candles last week.....for my birthday!! :D
    I also love Christmas and start thinking about it way too early every year. :) xx

  5. @Lauren-Ella yes I'll definitely send you one! I'll do a Christmas card post soon I think :)

    @Pampered Sparrow Hope you had a Happy Birthday! I'm sure it smelled beautiful with all those Yankee candles ;) xx

  6. This post has made me feel very Christmassy!!! I would love a yankee candle, especially a gingerbread one, but where do you buy them from?

    Lovely blog by the way :]


  7. @ThatGirlObsessed

    I get mine from www.yankee.co.uk because I think they're marginally cheaper there, and they always have a good range and usually some good deals too. But there are quite a few other websites that sell yankee candles. I think Debenhams stocks them too.