A Mighty Task

I've been thinking a lot lately about updating my wardrobe. Soon I'm going to be (hopefully) graduating and (hopefully) entering the big bad world of having a "job". Being an "adult". Words that strike fear in the hearts of any student. And along side getting said "job" and being an "adult" one must act and, more importantly, dress the part. And, here's the problem:

I have no idea how to do this

You might think that's an exaggeration. But I genuinely find it horrifically difficult to make myself presentable. Sure, I go out and I get dressed up, but that's a different kind of looking smart, where short skirts and sparkles are perfectly ok. No, it's the elusive daywear-smart that I am yet to master. The smart-casual, if you will.

I don't own a blouse. Or a shirt that isn't checked. I can't wear heels, even of the lowest kind, for more than fifteen minutes.

It seems that four years at University have damaged me more than I realised.

But never fear, this isn't a moany post about how I just can't catch a break. This is the beginning of a mission. To update my wardrobe. To adopt a sense of style. Perhaps even be considered chic (oh, the thought!). To look like a stylish, sensible, fashionable, woman. Ok, well girl (I'm not ready for womanhood).

Ironically, this must be done on a student budget.

I need:

-Shoes that aren't converses.

-A shirt that isn't checked.

-A skirt that isn't merely an elasticated strip of material.

-Knitwear that hasn't gone bobbly (you know what I mean)

-Trousers that aren't jeans (this might be the most difficult yet)

and now, the online-shop hunt begins!

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I have been doing exactly the same thing this year. My problem has been that my body shape is so odd that I find it hard to find things that fit me. lookbook is awesome and so it street style on the elle website xx

  2. I have that same problem too! And I'm a big fan of lookbook, but hadn't seen street style before - thanks! :) xx