Getting things organised (I'm an idiot)

In the spirit of being more organised (thanks to my lovely filofax), I've decided to get everything else in my life organised too (other than just my uni work).

I'm a strange kind of person. I'm either incredibly focused on doing one thing, or not focused at all. And I've decided it's time to sort that out! Every day I'm going to make sure I do a little work, something fun, keep in touch with people and - my favourite - learn something new every day (something that I don't have to know for uni). The idea is kind of, everything in moderation. And hopfully I wont burn myself out, getting stressed because I'm focusing all my energy on work and not looking after myself.

And so, in doing this, I also decided to come up with a skin (and hair) care regimen. I've never really done the whole religiously moisturising with day and night creams, toners etc etc, and have always been a quick scrub and go kind of gal. So armed with birthday gift cards and my student loan I hit Boots in search of an (affordable) skin care regimen for my combination skin and came up with this:

Garnier Simple Essential Toner

Nivea Visage oil free moisturiser

Nivea Visage Regenerating Night Cream

which I will use every day along with my Garnier face scrub I already have.
And while I was there I also treated my self to Boot's Coconut and Almond hair mask (which I've heard good things about) to use every week or so, and Charles Worthington Volume Booster Mousse. I have terribly thin and fine hair which I got from my mother, and am forever searching for the perfect volumising mousse, shampoo, conditioner, anything(!) that will boost the volume of my hair without making it feel greasy or weighing it down. So I thought I'd give this one a go!

So I headed up to the till to buy my goodies but realising (just in time to avoid embarrassment) that I didn't have my purse on me! However I made a note of what I wanted to get and when I got home ordered it online instead. God, I love internet shopping.

Hopefully my goodies will arrive soon!

And on a, final, sidenote - I've signed up for Boudoir Privee's luxury beauty box. Basically, you pay a monthly fee and they send you boxes of luxury goodies for you to try. So I'll be reviewing that when I get my first one (The October box)

Hope you're all having a great day!

H x

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  1. I need to get some kind of skincare routine on the go. I'm so lazy with my skin! I might try that hair mask as well. x