Natural Collection Face Mask

Everytime I'm in Boots I walk past the Natural Collection face masks and think "I should try them out some time" so this time I did. At only £1 I figured I couldn't go far wrong.

I decided to pick the Rosemary and Witch Hazel face mask.


Rosemary and Witch Hazel have antibacterial properties and this mask claims to "deep-cleanse your pores, drawing out impurities and excess oil, leaving your face feeling totally refreshed". I really liked the scent of it, and it has a lovely thick creamy consistency.


There's a great amount of product in the sachet so you can really pile it on when applying and it dries fairly quickly on your face and gives a nice little tingly feeling. I did note that it didn't overly dry out on my face, you know when a face masks goes really crackily and uncomfortable, so that was good.

After removing it my skin was gorgeously soft and felt great. A fantastic cheap treat for your skin! I'll definitely be trying out some more of the Natural Collection mask range.


  1. I love Natural Collection bath and body products, but I'm not so keen on the face masks. Reason being I tried the strawberry one a few years back and it brought me out in a rash! Been too scared to try a different one since! xo

    1. Oh no, really? I have the strawberry one sitting in my drawer waiting for me to try! Thanks for the heads up! I'll maybe do a skin test or something first before trying that one out :O