DVF iPhone Fashion

Whilst perusing the Diane von Furstenburg website imaging how well dressed I would be if I won the lottery, I came across these little beauties.

Saffino iPhone 4 case in Buds Tiny Coral and Clouds Small Red

Saffino iPhone4 case in Leaf Meadow Tiny Navy and Tropical Plants Tiny Mustard

These are all part of DVF's Vintage Collection and are in the most gorgeous prints ever, much like the rest of the collection, and seeing as I definitely won't be able to afford DVF clothing just yet I'd happily settle for an iPhone cover :)



  1. It seems like you can always get a stunning iPhone case! It's a shame it's not the same for all phones, I'd love more variety for my Nexus xo

    1. It is really nice that you can get lovely iPhone 4 cases now because there weren't any for a really long time!

      Have you had a look on eBay for Nexus phone cases? If anywhere had some, it would be there :) x