Body Shop Review

It's been a good while since I posted about my big ol' body shop haul, and so I've had plenty of time to properly use the products before I review them. Bodyshop is usually my first stop for body butters and moisturisers, I don't think I've come across a body butter of theirs that didn't smell delicious and I didn't love. So I was really excited to try out some of their skin and hair care products, but to tell the truth, I was pretty disappointed (mainly at the hair care products).

Hair care:

I purchased rainforest balance shampoo and conditioner as well as rainforest radiance hair butter.
(I haven't pictured them because I'm lazy, but you can see pictures of all the products in this post)

First up, both the shampoo and conditioner don't smell all that great, but it doesn't linger on your hair. Because it's made with all natural products, the shampoo doesn't foam up as well as regular shampoos. Even using quite a lot of it and working really hard I could only get it to foam up a little, and even though my hair felt clean enough afterwards, it's a little frustrating because while you're washing your hair it doesn't feel like your cleaning it.
This shampoo is for hair that gets greasy quickly, and I found that it did keep my hair cleaner for longer, so I probably will use it in the future, I just don't like it enough for regular use.

The hair butter was just too heavy for my hair and really weighed it down, so I can't really give it a fair review I'm afraid!

Body care:

I bought the Sweet Lemon Body Scrub and it was the one redeeming feature of my haul. It smells unbelievably gorgeous and left my skin super soft.

Skin care:

I said I was disappointed with my haul, but maybe that's too strong a word. I just didn't fall in love with any of the products.

Body Shop Review

All the products were fine, but I just know of other products that do the same job (or better) for cheaper. I did quite like the mattifying day cream though but, at least for me, it's not suitable for use on the whole face as it can be quite drying, but it worked quite well on days when my skin was a bit shiny.

I also purchased the seaweed facial scrub (not pictured here), which was a nice gentle scrub for daily use and was nice except for the smell (seriously, it's not pleasant). After you've washed it off, the smell doesn't hang around but, like with most of the products from this haul, I could get a cheaper and far nicer smelling product which does the same thing elsewhere.

Overall, I'm not in love with the skin products and won't be repurchasing any of them but they will get used eventually. However I am a fan of the body scrub and might try another one in the future.
If you've had similar experiences with bodyshop skin/hair care, or maybe there's a bodyshop product that you love, let me know!

Hope you had a good weekend x