My Week in Pictures

Hello lovelies! Hope you're having a great weekend. Seeing as it's rained nearly non stop, I've had a very quiet and domesticated weekend. I did a little baking (some yummy some err not so yummy), and started knitting a scarf. I'm well aware that this really isn't the season to be knitting scarves but I'm pretty sure that's all my knitting skills can handle. Once I've done a little more I might do a quick post on it and share the pattern with you, as it's very very easy and looks quite pretty (if I say so myself!).

Apart from being very domesticated, I've also been going over my course notes and such as I've been randomly selected for a interview about my dissertation (eep!). So I've had to go over everything that I promptly forgot as soon as I left the exam hall/handed my dissertation in. Anyway here's a round up of my week in pictures, with a collection of my instagram pictures and a snapshot of my planner this week :)

knitting my scarf // cherry socks // burts bees grab bag
new earrings // strawberry buttercream candle // ben and jerry's deliciousness
rose petal salve I thought I'd lost // old Adam & Joe podcasts // acceptance letter
reading some caitlin moran // "vintage" watch // "studying"


Hope you've all had a great week and are having a relaxing weekend. What have you been up to? x


  1. Great post! Lovely photos!

  2. Wow that scarf is beautiful! I've been meaning to learn to knit, I want to be able to have amazing hand made scarfs, since my sewing just really isn't the best...x

    1. Thankyou! I'll maybe do a quick post with the pattern as once you've learnt the basics of knitting, it's really very easy! :) x