MUA Lipstick


If you follow me on Twitter you might have known that I had an interview with an external examiner last week about my dissertation. Thankfully it all went swimmingly well, and in fact she spent most of the interview telling me how much she liked my dissertation! However, beforehand I was a big nervous ball of stress. So obviously I went shopping and thus made the discovery that nervous shopping leads to you buying lots of things you don't really need at all!

But on the bright side, I now have lots to review for you lovely followers!

One of the things I picked up in my nervous state was an MUA lipstick. I have always been a little tentative about MUA products, figuring that they can't be all that good with most of the products costing £1. However I was pleasently surprised. Don't get me wrong, it's no MAC, but for the tiny £1 price tag you do alright.


MUA Lipstick Shade 9


I really like this shade, a nice dusky red/pink with a lovely metallic sheen on it.


It isn't incredibly pigmented, but I found it gave enough colour for a nice soft daytime look. It did need a bit of reapplying through the day, but I expected that. Even so, it isn't too shabby for a budget lipstick and I've certainly seen worse.


I'd definitely like to try some of their brighter shades, and at only £1 each I think I might.


  1. I have a couple of MUA lipsticks and I quite like them! They do need reapplying regularly though xo

    1. Yes they do, but I'm more than happy to reapply them for only £1 each! :) x