First Week

And so the first week is officially over, and it's been an anticlimax or sorts. I think I expected to get straight into work with lots and lots to do, but I'm not complaining.
Today I had a lecture about our Research Studies module, basically explaining what it is we have to do - a literary review on either a subject of our choosing or a subject chosen by our tutors depending on whether we get a nice tutor or not.

I've already emailed mine asking if I can do drug metabolism or something along those lines. I figured I'd email asking before he had a chance to make ones up to give us, so hopefully I'll get to do it anyway. Here's hoping.
It will finally be my chance to do a piece of work entirely on my own that I am genuinely really interested in. And excuse my geeky side, but I'm quite excited about that.

And now for the weekend!

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