Day 2

Here we go with Day 2:
day 2- the meaning behind your blog name

Now, my blog has various names. For various reasons, mainly I couldn't settle on one.

My url is fevverwords, and this is pretty uninteresting and I mainly came up with it after a million attempts to come up with an original name. Fevvers is the name of a character in a book I was reading at the time (in fact, it's the book I said I was reading a couple posts ago, I never got far into it).

The actual title of my blog is, Les temps sont durs pour Les Rêveurs, which is a line from my all time favourite film Amelie. It means, "times are hard for dreamers". I thought it was a wonderful, original blog title, but after googling, it seems many people had the same idea as me. I love it all the same.

On a side note, I also have another Amelie quote on my blog page which is Quand le doigt montre le ciel, l'imbécile regarde le doigt. Loosely translated, this is "when a finger points to the sky, a fool looks at the finger". I adore this quote.

Finally, the image I've used as a title on the blog says yours, always. Basically, the first picture I used as a title had those words anyway, so I kind of used them as an adopted title. And when I got round to creating my own title image, I thought I'd stick with it.

And that's that!

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  1. I love Amelie :) fave french film! So gonna have to steal your idea...!