Back From Outerspace

Hello all! I'm back from my holiday, fully relaxed and even a little bit tanned!
Had a lovely time staying in a villa in a small village on the coast, it was really gorgeous. We spent a lot of time house-hunting as my parents are hoping to move to Cyprus in the near future. I, however, shall not be. As lovely as Cyprus was, for me it's definitely more of a holiday destination rather than somewhere to live - and the heat! No, not for me. But at least I wont have to fork out for a hotel if I do ever go there ;)

The biggest news at the moment is that I've officially started forth year!

Yup, it's dissertation time, and even though there's so so much to do right now, I'm still looking forward to it in my own geeky way. Plus I have a great advisor who knows so much about my topic and even in our first meeting was a huge help and gave me loads of great information. Still seems daunting though!

So seeing as I've started a new, and important, year, I thought it would be a good idea to come up with an (Academic) New Year's Resolution :)
Mine is kind of a two-parter:
To be more organised and not procrastinate
So they kind of go hand in hand together.

I am horrifically unorganised usually, with paper scattered in different places, different things written in different notebooks. And I, without fail, leave everything to the last minute. I'm dreadful!

So in keeping with my resolution, I've taken the plunge, and bought myself a filofax.
This one to be specific:

I love filofaxes and have wanted one for ages. The only thing putting me off was the price! But I was looking at the WHSmith website, ordering lots of folders, pens and stationary (I love stationary) and saw that they have a big sale of filofaxes at the moment, so I just had to order it - even though I'll have to go to the store to pick it up.

Hope you've all had a gorgeous Summer, and (if applicable) hope you're all looking forward to going or being back at school, college, or uni!


H x

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