Hey Mr Postman

Yesterday morning I got a lovely little surprise in the post. My (first ever) filofax arrived two days early! (Thanks to Amazon, and no thanks to WHSmith!)

I'm completely in love with it and am already snooping online shops for more inserts and pretty things for it.

(Apologies in advance for the rubbish pictures, I only have the camera on my phone at the moment, and for the fact that some of the pictures may not be the right way round - Blogger didn't like me today!)

I've played around with organising it in different ways, and I've settled on this way so far, but no doubt I'll end up messing around with it again.

At the front I have my top opening pocket, with various business cards I want to keep, and a few other keepsakes.

I don't have the insert with the post it notes - although I'm sure I'll be ordering it soon - so I thought I'd just stick a few of my own post its on to the clear protective insert in the mean time :)

I've already started filling in some important dates for this year (eep!)

At the moment I've got my note paper at the back, split into sections according to the colour of note paper. Mostly they're being used for my dissertation just now - very useful!

And right at the back I've got my (beloved) To-Do Lists and the extra note paper (which is very handy!)

In short, I think I'm in love!


H x


  1. I love my wee filofax, I genuinely think I'd be lost if I didn't have it. I've sewn little buttons and glitter glue etc on mine to pretty it up a little.

    Honestly, that little book will end up everywhere with you!

  2. I love to do lists! Obsessed.


  3. Ooh sewing buttons on - that's a great idea! I may have to give that a go!