22 Things to do Before I'm 22

I've seen these types of lists on a few other blogs, and thought it was such a lovely idea that I should do it too. I turn 22 in September of this year, so still have plenty of time to complete my goals.

1. Bake more I'm hoping to bake my way through Nigella Lawson's "How to Be a Domestic Goddess" and Mary Berry's "Baking Bible" in my spare time

2. Cook more I'm also really hoping cook more adventurous foods. It's really easy to get into a rut with what you eat so I want to try some new things!

3. Graduate this is mainly what I'll be concentrating on until Mayish. Lots of work left to do so fingers crossed!

4. Read More I have a gigantic stack of unread books that I'm determined to get through!

5. Learn To Drive it's shameful that I haven't got around to learning yet. But this is the year!

6. Get a job pretty self explanatory

7. Visit a museum/art gallery

8. Learn to play acoustic guitar I can play a little, but I'd love to play properly

9. Save money

10.Update wardrobe with smart clothes

11. Grow my hair out to it's natural colour

12. Relearn how to walk in heels it's been so long since I've worn them, I can't walk in them anymore...

13. Travel somewhere new could be abroad, even just somewhere in Britain, but somewhere new!

14. Visit London or Paris (or both)

15. Learn how to cook a good roast ok, yes I already have the cook more, but this is important!

16. Regularly read the newspaper

17. Do a Road Trip after learning to drive, of course

18. Take up Yoga

19. Be more organised/less procrastination

20. Do something unexpected

21. Get nails done professionally

22. Stop worrying about the little things

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