Workspace Analysis

Seeing as I've been spending so much time at it, I thought I'd do a post about my desk. Yes, my desk. I think someone's workspace says a lot about that person, and I've seen a couple of these posts and thought I'd give it a go also...

So here it is!

This is where I've been spending a lot of my time lately!

I've got my laptop, of course, ingeniously stood upon some books as it has a tendency to overheat (you can see Lord of the Rings poking out there).

Textbooks and notes are always strewn across my desk, along with the beloved filofax, and a bottle of water - gotta stay hydrated.

I keep all my pens in a mug I got at the Christmas market last year (is there anything better than wandering around Edinburgh in winter drinking mulled wine from a mug? I think not). Like any good student I'm always well-stocked when it comes to post-it notes and highlighters.

I've also got a few candles, because who doesn't like candles?

Next to the candles are some stones... these were the stones that I picked up off the beach on my last day in Cyprus, and they remind me of being on holiday.

And finally the obligatory stapler, and that's your lot.

And here's the view I spend most of my day staring at, instead of actually doing work!

That's all for now!

Peace H xxx

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  1. I love the look of your desk!! :-D so cute and the Filofax!!!

    I WANT A DESK!!!! xxx

  2. Your desk is so tidy! I'm currently sat amongst piles of paper and books at mine! x

  3. My desk is the one part of my room that's always tidy. I just can't work at a messy desk at all... I usually have to move my laptop off the desk as well because I just can't concentrate with clutter around me! haha xx

  4. ooh your desk looks neat and tidy! you can't even see mine haha :)

  5. Very cute and tidy desk. Also, your post has made me incredibly nostalgic and longing for a Christmas Market. The smells, the amazing food, and of course the can't go wrong! :) x