Tattoo thoughts...

I've been thinking a lot about tattoos lately, and certainly once I've saved up some money I'm going to delve into the realms of "the colour tatoo". Oh no more simple black designs for me.

There are a number of tattoos I want. I want something to represent my time at University, preferably something geeky. And as I've recently found out what I'm doing my dissertation on, maybe it will be something to do with that.

There used to be a website, full of geeky and scientific tattoos that I thought were all just marvellous. I'm not sure if the website still exists, but a quick Google search comes up with some absolute beauties.

That last one made me laugh :)

What I'm also thinking, tattoo-wise, is adding to my foot tattoo. At present, I have a simple black filled in star, about an inch wide on top of my foot just below my big toe. I've always wanted to add something to it, to make it look more, natural so to speak. But I'm at a loss.

Hopefully soon I'll maybe start drawing up some things that could go with it. I'd love a feather there, but again I'm not sure how it would fit on my foot with the star.

It's a tough business choosing these tatoos!

And on my reading list front, I've just finished Crime and Punishment. And it is a fantastic bit of literature. And one of the few books I've that I've felt compelled to really take my time over, think about the language, and make notes in the margins (Sometimes I think I should have studied English at University).

On to my next book, which is (Again) Night at the Circus - which I barely got started on last time - so I'll make sure I get through it this time as I've heard wonderful things about it.

That's all for now folks!

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