girl from mars says hello.

Hello and welcome to the new(ish) blog! I've done a little remodeling, and have to admit the place looks much nicer. So come on in and have a nice cuppa! :)

You might have noticed I've had a little name change to "girl from mars". I just figured a new name to go with the new look would be good, and I chose it by hitting shuffle on my iTunes and the first thing that came on was Girl From Mars by Ash.

This was a pretty risky move seeing as I have songs such as Wart Hog and Psycho Killer - that would have made for an interesting blog!

And in the interest of being super duper organised, I've planned out some regular posts which include book reviews, and music reviews (oldies as well as newies), and I'm also hoping to give you a few fashion and beauty posts, maybe some outfit posts as well if I can find my camera (I swear it's ran away!)

H x

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