Hiatus Over

Wow! It's been over a month since my last post, but in the past month I've been keeping myself rather busy, mainly visiting family down in England before exam season starts.

I decided to stay down South for an extra week because I was having such a lovely time, which I'm now regretting. Two weeks til my first exam!

My third and final exam is on the 20th of May and is also the day when I get the keys for my lovely new flat, with my lovely new flatmate! I am beyond excited about having a flat with a living room that can fit more than two people in it at a time.

I can't wait to get myself a job for the Summer, save up a bit of money, and buy lots of lovely things for the new flat and make it all homey :)
Also excited for my holiday to Cyprus (coinciding with my 21st birthday!) and then starting fourth year, where I'll get to spend a whole year doing my own research, which for me is super duper exciting. If you're interested, I'll either being researching the effect of nanoparticles in medicine OR the bacterial phosphotransferase system and it's use in drug therapy.

Just arrived back in Edinburgh a few hours ago, and got back to my laptop. The first time I've touched it in over a month! At first I couldn't think how I was going to live without it, and now, I can't imagine how I spent so much time on it!

Anyway, I'll be a busy bee over the next 4 weeks or so (what I like to call Exam Season), but I'll keep you guys updated, even though they'll mostly be stressed out posts.

I do have a question for you guys though,

What do you do when you're stressed out?

It's pretty topical seeing as a lot of people are sitting exams and stuff at the moment, but it could be about any stressful time in life!

When I'm stressed I listen to music.

I find I get to the point where I can't concentrate any longer, so reading, watching tv, or anything requiring any brain cells whatsoever just wont work.

So I like to listen to some chill out music, like Sigur Ros. If you haven't heard them, give them a listen - they make beautiful music which incidently is also amazing to fall asleep too. My Morning Jacket is also quite good for this too.

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  1. I'm starting my exam season too! When I'm stressed, I make a "to do" list. It tends to stop me panicking and thinking, "AAAAHHHH, I have SO much to do!" because the things that need done are down in front of me.
    And I also put on the live youtube video of "Get me bodied" by Beyonce and dance. That helps.