Last Night's Dream

Does anyone know what dreams mean?

Last night I dreamed I was working for Kelly Cutrone at a fashion show. Everybody had to dress one model with the clothes available, and me and Kelly had arrived first and so were looking through all the clothes racks.

There were rows and rows of gorgeous clothes and I was taking my time picking something. I got to the end of the last row, turned around to find that most of the clothes had gone. Obviously everyone had arrived and grabbed their favorite outfit.

I grabbed the last dress which was an odd one sleeved shiny number and a bunch of accessories and went off to find my model. Turns out she was super nervous as this was her first time - she also had such a cute pixie hair cut.I was so relieved saying it was my first time too! So I give her this weird dress and she puts it on and it looks god-awful.
Then Kelly comes over to check up on me, and we discuss the accessories I picked up - a couple belts and this yellow leather purse.

The next part of the dream I can't quite remember exactly how it went, but at one point the model's mother was in the changing room with us crying because she was nervous about her daughter. Then Kelly told her to get out. Then Ms Cutrone grabbed my accessories and went into the changing room with my model and came out with her looking amazing!

Then I woke up.

Weird dream.

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