Handbag Analysis

So I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do a "What's in YOUR Bag?" feature and here it is!


This is the bag I'm currently using at the moment, though I do chop and change between this and a tapestry bag from Topshop depending on my mood or what I'm wearing.

Now I realise why my bag is so heavy all the time!

Firstly, and most importantly, sweeties! I've been spending most of my time working away in the library lately so I usually have a little something to nibble on in my bag. I bought these Rubard and Custard sweeties the other day because they remind me of being little.
I'm also having a little obsession with Pumpkin seeds at the moment, so I've got a yummy little pot of Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds with Almonds.
Also the obligatory Softmints to keep me minty fresh!

I burnt my arm while making pancakes (pancake day is dangerous!), so I've been carrying around Savlon to put on it. Also I like to have handcream handy, nail varnish and some lipstick - you never know when you might need some!

Sadly, for the past few weeks now, I've had to carry around this stress-inducer. It about 10 scientific journals I'm using for my literature review - which I really should be working on now, but let's not focus on that.

I've also been carrying around my folder of Uni work, a book I'm also using for my lit review, and my notebook which I use to scribble down random things I need to remember - journal articles, or newpaper article ideas (I write for the student newspaper).

I always keep a book on me and whip it out whenever I'm bored, currently I'm reading A Clockwork Orange. I also have another notebook I keep handy which is used half as a day planner and half as just scribbling down random bits of information.
I'm suddenly realising how disorganised I am with all my different notebooks and all sorts!
I've also got a little diary which I use to keep track of deadlines and important dates.

And finally, the miscellaneous section. My purse, my keys attached to a lanyard I got at the Connect Festival, headphones, and a variety of pens - including my favourite penguin pen!

And that's my life in a bag. So, what's in your bag?


  1. oh man! i totally usually have sweets in my bag. i'm trying to replace that with nuts and protein bars, something a little better for me when i get to that "oh crap, i forgot to eat". ha ha, so far so good!

  2. i like your bag! so cute