Day 8

day 8- short term goals for this month and why

This month, my short term goals are:

1) To get into a regular sleeping pattern
I'm still kind of all over the place, usually not being able to sleep until 4am. And even if I get up super early, I can't seem to sleep at a decent hour.

2) To get up to date, and keep organised with all work
I've got so much Uni work and it's really piling up on me. Not just lectures, but I have two giant literary reviews today which take up so much time pouring over endless journals. And on top of that I'm also doing a qualification in Financial Planning, and an employability scheme. That adds up to a lot of work.

3) Look after my money!
I am utterly terrible with money, and seem to always find myself skint at the end of the month.

4) Cook more, and eat more healthily
I've mastered making my own pasta sauce but that's about it on the cooking front. Hopefully I'll learn some yummy and healthy new recipes.


  1. Getting to bed at a decent hour is crazy hard to do sometimes huh!!

    Good Luck with your goals this month.


  2. Those are all great goals. I hope you're able to get into a sleep routine that works for you and your lifestyle. I need at least 8 hours of good sleep each night or I'm *extremely* cranky and irritable. I don't know how long I'd last if I couldn't fall asleep at a decent time.

  3. oh those are some good goals! i am doing the 30 days of blogging too! fun right? i did a bunch of budgeting post a while back, you mind find then helpful with your goals if you want to check them out!

  4. #1 is a big goal for me too, i'm such a horrible sleeper