Day 7 Brings a Good Mood

Hello again everybody, it's a miserably cold and wet day here in Scotland, so I could think of no better way of procrastination other than to blog to you lovelies.

I'm in such a good mood today, and I think it's partly because I had such a good sleep last night. It's been so incredibly windy here the last few days, and it was particularly stormy last night, and this morning in fact, but there's something about listening to a storm when I'm trying to sleep that relaxes me. I love storms, as long as I'm not outside in them.

I'm also in a good mood because yesterday we finalised all the details for our holiday to Cyprus in August. And on top of this, I booked tickets to go home and see the family at the weekend. They're only a couple hours away on the bus, but I haven't been to see them since Christmas.

And before I forget,
day 7- a picture of someone/something that has had the biggest impact on you

This was a tough, tough question. And I thought about going down the obvious route of putting a picture of a family member up, because they have all had impacts on me. And then I thought about putting a picture of myself up, because in truth I have had the biggest impact on myself, but that felt a little narcissistic.
And so, I went with a place.

This is the University I go to. And I'm not saying that it, itself has had a the biggest impact on me, though it has certainly contributed. It's more that the past 3 years I've spent here, and everything encompassing that, has impacted me most as a person.

The picture above is the lake on campus, and that building across the bridge was where I spent my first year. The accommodation was horrendous and looked more like a prison, but I loved living by the lake and being able to lean out my window and feed the many many swans. And I met the most wonderful people, and had such a lovely time that year.

Ok, I'm done with the nostalgia now. x

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  1. oh i liked Scotland! i went there on my honeymoon, very pretty place but it was cold and rainy the whole time we were there. still loved it tho!